8. Saft, AA 3.6V Primary Lithium Battery


If you’re looking for quality batteries at a favorable price, this pack of 2 lithium batteries from Saft is a trustworthy bet. Unlike other AA batteries which harbor 1.5V, Saft LS-14500 comes with a 3.6V capacity. They can be used on high drain devices though they were found to go for long with the low drain gadgets.
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7. Go Green Power Inc., Super Heavy Duty AA Battery

7-go-green-power-inc-super-heavy-duty-aa-batteryGo Green Power batteries are ideal for the low drain gadgets and don’t contain materials that would pollute the environment. Moreover, they include a superior composition that prevents explosion and leakage.
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6. Rayovac, Alkaline AA Batteries


This pack of Alkaline AA batteries from Rayovac is ideal for all your power-hungry gadgets. It consists of 48 high performing batteries for use either at home or workplace. These batteries feature a mercury-free formula and guarantee you seven years of superior performance. Amazingly, this bunch of high-quality AA batteries comes at an incredible price. They also come in a handy storage case which is easy for storage.
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5. ACDelco, Super Alkaline Batteries, 100-Count

ACDelco AA batteries come at an unbeatable price yet high quality. They are newly improved and designed for longer energy which can last 3 times longer than other batteries. They are mercury and cadmium-free.
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4. Duracell, Coppertop AA Batteries, 24-Count

4-duracell-coppertop-aa-batteries-24-countThis is another highly rated pack of 24 batteries ideal for toys, alarms, flashlights, etc. If you need power at any extreme weather conditions, then you can rely on these. They feature a genius formula that keeps the power harbored in for up to 10 years when the battery isn’t in use. Duracell batteries are efficient and last long.
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3. Energizer, MAX AA Batteries

For decades now, Energizer has been a renowned brand due to its superior quality batteries perfect for both high drain and low drain gadgets. These Max AA batteries are among its leading products. Additionally, these mercury-free batteries are ideal for any AA compatible device and are reliable and long-lasting. These batteries can support the high power demanding devices like digital cameras, gamers, and flashlights.
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2. Maxell, Alkaline Battery AA Cell, 48-Pack

With more than 3,000 positive reviews, there’s a reason for you to trust this package of 48 alkaline AA batteries. Just like other reviewers, you’ll find these batteries a trustworthy source of power for a broad range of electrical devices. The batteries contain no added mercury or cadmium. They come with reasonable price yet with incredible power capacity.
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1. AmazonBasics, AA Performance Alkaline Batteries

These Alkaline AA batteries by Amazon Basics will go way beyond your expectations. Japan-made batteries have a good reputation for being a notch higher than other competitors. They feature a unique composition of corrosion resistant materials and zinc, therefore, guaranteeing you a 10-year leak free life. Their high capacity makes them ideal for an array of gadgets from the low drain remote controller to high drain device like a digital camera.
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The above mentioned AA batteries come at unbeatable price, but they are assured of their quality. They give longer power when use with portable electric devices.








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