8. Pema Living, Premium Car Sunshade



Made from thick nylon, this item will block all the UV rays keeping your car’s interior cool and conducive. The item easily folds back and pops up making installation very easy even for first time users.

Although the product is available in 2 sizes, large and extra-large, it seems most suitable for mid-size to large windshields such as those found in SUVs, trucks and vans.

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7. OxGord, Car Sunshade


Coming from the respected OXGORD brand is this stylish and trendy car windshield sunshade. It’s constructed from a dense yet light product that blocks away the UV radiation. The 28 x 55 inch product will fit most vehicles and remains in position thank to the handy suction cups on its ends. It can be folded into a small pack when not in use and you can also use the built-in straps to fully secure it.

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6. Road Charms, Car Sunshade


Using high-grade nylon material, the car windshield sunshade from Road Charms will reflect away up to 99% of the UV radiation keeping your car’s interior cold. It features two 31-inch inserts that hold and allow the shade to popup from their housing.

The windshield pops up easily and quickly thanks to its innovative design. It also includes a pouch that is useful in storing and carrying the product.

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5. mAuto, Car Windshield Sunshade


You can reduce the sweltering heat inside your car by ensuring you fix the mAuto sunshade after parking in the sun. It’s constructed from a double-layer material that is resistant to water and heat and will remain functional for a long time. The 27.6″ x 51.2″ shield comes with a UV coating and reflective silver side. The suction cups together with its innovative design ensure the entire windshield is protected.

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4. Veneev, UV Ray Deflector Car Windshield Sun Shade


Make your car look cool and fully-protected by using the Veneev car windshield sunshade. It is made from a high-grade metallic polyester material that can block and reflect up to 99 % of the harmful UV rays.

Measuring approximately 62.99 x 33.86 inches, this windshield fits to most type of car. For easy carrying and storage, it comes with a handy pouch.

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3. Shade-it, Windshield Sun Shade


Car windshield sunshade from Shade-it, measuring 59 (L) x 26(W) inches, it is a perfect fit for most cars (SUVs, trucks, CUVs, sedans…). The quality material and engineering not only blocks away the sun rays, but also ensures no heat passes through. To ensure it will remain affixed to the screen, it comes with foolproof attachments which are also easy to install and remove.

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2. Pro Shade, Reflecting Fabric Car Windshield Protector


The car windshield sunshade from Pro Shade is designed to protect your dashboard, steering wheel, as well as the seats. It consist soft light fabric that blocks the sun rays and a reflective material that reflects the UV radiation. Though it is light in weight, the fabric will last for a long time and isn’t affected by extreme heat. When not in use, you can easily fold it in a small pack and store it.

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1. X-Shade, Jumbo Car Windshield Sunshade


The car windshield sunshade from X-shade inhibits the extreme heat and UV radiation that may cause your dashboard, seats, and other objects to crack or fade. It’s constructed using a top-grade polyester material that blocks the rays/heat while keeping the internal temperatures low. The innovative design allows it to fold up when needed and retract back when not necessary.

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To conclude, you can be sure that the above products will adequately protect your car from harmful UV ray and heat. They have been engineered using the best technology and are made from quality materials. Furthermore, they have gone through tests and checks to confirm their suitability for the market.



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