8. Kolumbo, Travel Umbrella


Good resistance to winds of up to 55 MPH, slim and compact design, rust proof and proven durability land the Kolumbo in the 10 best compact travel umbrellas review. The patent-pending frame won’t break easily in heavy downpour or wind.

The high quality stainless steel and premium fiberglass allows the umbrella to spring back to shape after flipping. Unlike the common polyester, pongee is much lighter, more resilient and highly water resistance. For easy operation, it comes with a fast automatic open/close button. Choose your favorite color with this umbrella as it is available in many colors.

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7. Benkii, Windproof Umbrella


Tested to be effective in winds of up to 60MPH, the Benkii umbrella is engineered using 10 “Non-breakable” ribs. The resin, reinforced fiberglass ribs also make it harder for wind to invert the umbrella. It features a high density 210PG canopy that is much stronger than the normal 190T canopy.

In addition to being resistant to mildew and abrasion, it is also waterproof. For good comfort and ergonomics, the contoured handle is made from leather.

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6. LifeTek, Automatic Travel Umbrella


The LifeTek compact travel umbrella consists of a hardened steel shaft, premium chain stitching, 9-rib frame, and large Teflon 210T Canopy. When closed, it measures 12 inches in length and 25 inches when open.

The canopy’s arc is 45 inches and has a diameter of 39 inches. This offers adequate coverage for an individual and is also very light (15 oz). The Teflon shield protects the fabric and ensures it repels water and also dries quickly.

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5. EEZ-Y, Compact Travel Umbrella


EEZ-Y compact travel umbrella is designed for using in light and heavy rainfall, this umbrella will remain firm courtesy of the windproof double canopy. It features a unique frame system made from quality stainless steel and 9 premium fiberglass.

Together with the strengthened metal shaft, the umbrella can withstand wind gushes of up to 55 MPH. The fabric is coated with a special water repellent (210T) that stops water from seeping through.

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4. CrownCoast, Windproof Travel Umbrella


The CrownCoast travel umbrella comes in a light and compact design. It’s ideal for sheltering against rain and will stay firm in winds not exceeding 60 MPH. With the elegant simple design, this automatic open/close umbrella is suitable for both men and women. It is very resilient thanks to the flex memory frame and features low tension springs for easy opening and closing.

The 100% polyester canopy repels water and is resistant to mildew, mold, abrasion while the frame is electroplated to prevent rusting, corrosion and to make the umbrella more attractive.

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3. Fenzer, Windproof “TEFLON” Coated Travel Umbrella


The Fenzer travel umbrella is engineered using strong steel components that give it its sturdiness and premium fiberglass that provides the flexibility and easy folding. The high-quality canopy will revert back to its original shape even after being flipped by strong winds. To make it water and windproof, it’s coated with superior TEFLON.

The handle is made from non-slip and ergonomic rubber that ensures you have a firm hold on the umbrella. It also comes with auto open/close functionality, quick collapse canopy.

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2. Kentwood, Windproof Travel “TEFLON” Umbrella


Similar to other top brands, the Kentwood umbrella is light and compact. The canopy is made from pongee fabric that has been coated with 210T while the strong steel frame together with fiberglass shaft gives it strength, flexibility, resilience and versatility.

The vintage inspired umbrella features wooden accents that bring out a classic appeal and to provide extra protection the umbrella comes with a matching water-proof case.

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1. Repel Travel Umbrella


Unlike most umbrellas that feature 6 to 8 aluminum ribs, the Rebel 11.5-inch consists of 9 fiberglass ribs that have been reinforced by resin. This gives it strength to withstand heavy downpour as well as strong winds.

The ribs are quite flexible and easily fold into a small pack. For additional strength, it features a strong metal frame and three-fold chrome plated shaft. The automatic umbrella is very light and relies on an easy push open/close button that is operated by one hand.

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In conclusion, you can see that all the umbrellas features in the review are compact which are very portable. Storage and carrying won’t cause any problem as they come with compact design and protective case. Despite their size, they are made from a fabric that is light and also durable, which provide good protection against rain, sun ray and also wind.


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  1. John says

    I love the concepts for these umbrellas! In my opinion, I think having an umbrella that is windproof is absolutely essential. Where i’m from, rain usually falls sideways and sturdy umbrellas are a must. An umbrella that can’t handle a good storm isn’t a quality umbrella if you ask me.

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