8. Laura Mercier, Eye Basics


Many users assert that this primer is among those few beauty products they’d want to purchase again. Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics will impress you with how long your shadow will last.

You’ll love its color-correcting effect, even on this delicate eye era. It also helps brighten up your eyes.

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7. LORAC, Behind The Scenes Eye Shadow Primer


Squeeze a tiny bit of the LORAC Eye Primer on your eye shadow brush. Rub and pat it over your entire lid. You’ll notice that it dries instantly! Simply put, it’ll look fantastic! LORAC gives smooth application, as well as the long-lasting hold on slipping shadows.

It works extremely well to brighten the eye area. You’ll find this product excellent, even if you’ve got oily eyelids.

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6. Bare Escentuals, Prime Time Eye Primer


Your shadows won’t budge when using this product, even through hot, humid conditions, waves, ocean air, or long days at the beach. The primer helps to keep your eyes makeup stay longer so that it would not smudge off easily. Until the time you remove your eyes makeup, it’ll stay on.

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5. Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube


The Urban Decay is often regarded to as the Holy Grail when it comes to primer potions. We acknowledge that the primer lives up to all the hype. It’s a remarkable formula which is available in multiple, varying shades, including Sin (shimmery champagne), Greed (gold), and Eden (matte tawny color).

This primer will absorb to your skin quickly, leaving a flawless finish, which extends your eyes makeup for hours. We’d consider the Urban Decay as an excellent eye primer.

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4. Mary Kay, Eye Primer


Just a pea-size amount will suffice to create an eyeshadow look that’s lasting. Users claim that this primer tops the list even after trying considerably many, different brands. The Mary Kay Eye Primer helps the longevity of eyeshadow and enhances their colors’ vibrancy. Just put a little of it and your makeup will last all day.

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3. e.l.f Cosmetics, Eye Primer and Linear Sealer


e.l.f is an all-time favorite for many users. It’s among the most affordable eye primers out there. Among the factors which will impress you most is the hold this product has on any straying shadows. Your eyeshadow will be held longer than usual, in addition to keeping the color vibrant. Regardless of what your budget is, the e.l.f. Mineral Linear Sealer is worthy of owning.

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2. Too Faced, Shadow Insurance


Too Faced eye primer is ranked among the most popular eyeshadow primers. It prevents fallout, fading, and creasing. Considering that it’s a silicone-based primer, it’ll be able to create a barrier between your makeup and the oil present in your skin. In turn, that makes Shadow Insurance an ideal option for oily eyelids. The color will blend evenly and smoothly, giving your shadows better color payoff.

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1. NYX, Eye Shadow Base


NYX Eye Shadow Base is a great ‘steal for the price’. This primer can keep your shadow on longer than even the lavish brands. This base will prevent your lids from getting oily, hence make your eyes makeup stand for whole day. It works on all type of skins even with the sensitive one. All in all, this primer comes with both reasonable price and great quality.

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When hunting for primers, among the core things you seek is a strong hold for a lasting eye shadow. Make your selection based on the above reviews. We assure you that you’ll find just the right primer for your preferences!







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