8. Rubies Costume, Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Kit


Arguably one of the most loved costumes, the Darth Vader is regarded as one of the menacing products around. Maybe it’s because of the dark and scary design or the character it portrays. You can now be that evil genius by acquiring the Darth Vader adult kit from Rubie’s Costume.

It is made from 100% polyester which is hand washable. The 4-inch high and 13 inch wide costume is very light and also comfortable. You also get a mask, chest piece, cape, and light saber from this costume set.

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7. Rubies Costume, Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume


Imagine the legendary T-Rex dinosaur jumping out from the bushes or standing in the middle of the room after turning on the lights. You can deliver the same scare to other people by wearing the T-Rex inflatable costume by Rubie’s Costume.

It is manufactured from 100% Polyester and measures 11.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches high when not inflated. The hand washable costume is suitable for jacket size (42-44 inches) and waists measuring 34 to 36 inches. Unfortunately, people taller than 6 inches may struggle a bit to fit inside the costume.

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6. Deluxe Fonzo The Clown, Foam Latex Mask


We all know about Fonzo the clown. But rather than being the friendly “bozo” that makes as laugh, he chooses to scare us to pieces. And with the scary season around the corner, you can just do that to other people by wearing this costume.

The 14-inch high and 4-inch wide product is made from foam latex and is light, soft and quite comfortable. The garment is not only ideal for adults but also teens as well. But if you have a large round head, fitting inside the narrow –headed costume may be a struggle.

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5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costume, Leather Face Deluxe Overhead Mask


Texas Chainsaw and massacre are two terms that go together, and this is why we feature this item on our 10 best men Halloween costumes. The 4.33 inch high and 1.18 wide costume is constructed from durable and comfortable 100% latex.

The collector quality mask can easily stretch to fit different people and will still feel quite comfortable. People with small heads may find the costume leaving spaces.

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4. Rubies Costume, The Joker Deluxe Adult Costume


Imagine being the annoying and conniving Joker who always troubles Batman. The Joker Deluxe costume comes in a full purple suit that features a pant, long jacket that comes together with a shirt, vest, and tie and of course the infamous clown mask. Although it can be hand washed in cold water, you need to avoid using bleach or ironing as this may damage the item.

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3. Rubies Costume, Spider-Man Costume


The Spiderman 2nd skin by Rubie’s is among the most realistic adult costumes and is a good choice for Halloween. Made from 100 % polyester, the hand washable product is available in extra-large (44-46), large (42-44) and medium (38-40) inches.

It comes in a full bodysuit, gloves, shoes and a face mask all bearing web prints. Although the material is elastic, it’s not very stretchy and large people may struggle to fit into it.

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2. Rubies Costume, Gruesome Bat Creature Costume


The Gruesome Bat costume by Rubie’s Costume will make the Halloween party truly scary. It portrays a gruesome and bloodthirsty bat-like creature that will be looking for fresh victims.

It consists of a deluxe latex face mask, tattered robe, hand and arm extensions, weapons and wig. The item is made from 100% latex and can be washed by hand. Pranking or scaring your friends wearing this costume is a good choice!

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1. California Costumes, Men’s Horror Robe Costume


Horror Robe Costume by California Costumes is our top pick for Halloween. It is well built and looks very real thanks to the 100% polyester. The costume comes with a robe that is attached to a Velcro face cover and hood.

It is very elastic and versatile and can fit men of different heights, weights and sizes. Courtesy of the thin but comfortable fabric, the costume can be worn in both hot and cold weather.

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There you go, we have brought together some of the top scary costumes for Halloween. May be you like the sight of a ghoulish soul, scary sharp teeth and claws, or a creature that carries a menacing weapon. Make your Halloween night an unforgettable one!





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