8. Ringke, Crystal Clear iPhone 7 Plus Case


Protecting your valuable iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t mean hiding its beauty. This is what the Ringke Fusion case seeks to offer. It comes in a transparent case that offers clear vision of the phone.

It also features military-grade drop protection and TPU on its corners. The case comes with a bezel design that allows easy use of the camera while still protecting it.

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7. MoKo, iPhone 7 Plus Case


The MoKo Transparent IPhone 7 plus cover is transparent and allows you to flaunt your newly acquired phone. However, it’s made from a flexible and strong material that is resistant to abrasions, dents and scratches. The well-positioned cutouts give you unobstructed access to all buttons and ports.

To safeguard your camera, the area around is slightly-raised. Considering the case is constructed from TPU and polycarbonate, you are assured of longevity. A number of consumers are finding the case to be a bit thinner than expected.

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6. Trianium, iPhone 7 Plus Case


Falling under the Duranium Series, this product is known for its sturdiness, flexibility and shock absorbency. It comes with a Holster clip kickstart and built-in screen protector. The dual-layered design minimizes unnecessary vibration while absorbing any shock.

This is bettered by the internal padding and corner protection. Unlike other heavy-duty cases, this one though rugged is very light but offers the best protection.

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5. Bastex, iPhone 7 Plus Case


The stylish Bastex iPhone 7 Plus Case is a modern-looking case which is constructed from transparent and flexible rubber material. This provides the right protection from falls, scratches and bumps. In addition to being made from TPU, the corners are also reinforced.

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4.Maxboost, iPhone 7 Plus Case


The Maxboost brand has several iPhone 7 Plus cases on offer. The Snap variant is the other entrant in our list, and just like its other stable mate, it’s also made using extremely sturdy and shock absorbent GXD Impact Gel.

Although classified as among the thinnest cases, it scores pretty well in regard to rigidity, stability and all-rounded protection. Besides iPhone 7 Plus, it’s also compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. To some consumers, the case is very slim.

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3. X-Doria, iPhone 7 Plus Case


The multi-layered and thin X-Doria iPhone 7 Plus case has been military drop tested and certified to withstand falls from as heights of up to 6 feet inches. Made from scientifically tested and proven PolyOne TM, the case will absorb all impact upon hitting the ground or any object.

It will provide a soft cushion to the phone ensuring it doesn’t get damaged or the screen doesn’t shatter. The case’s corners are reinforced while the construction material comes in two layers for extra rigidity.

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2. Maxboost, iPhone 7 Plus Case


The Maxboost HyperPro is a heavy-duty case designed for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s constructed from solid and flexible material (GXD Impact Gel and TPU). The semi-translucent design showcases the phone’s appeal and is also stylish. The phone also has good shock absorbency courtesy of GXD shock-proof technology and use of soft material on the inside.

The 5.5-inch case comes with quality grip that ensures minimal movement and also improves the ergonomics.

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1. Trianium, iPhone 7 Plus Case


You will become less fearful of your iPhone 7 plus phone falling, knocking, scratching or bumping against other objects the moment you acquire the Trianium case. The heavy-duty protective case is made from GXD impact gel, TPU and polycarbonate. These materials together with its unique engineering help cushion your phone at all times.

Despite its sturdy nature, the case is pretty light and doesn’t add any weight to your phone.

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iPhone 7 Plus has received positive reviews regarding its design features, looks and functionality. It boosts of a range of advanced features that guarantee you of the best experience. Nonetheless, just like other products, it may easily get damaged or lose its integrity due to exposure to the environment and bad handling.

You can however extend its reliability and life by fully protecting it with a strong, reliable and user-friendly cases that we have featured in the above review list.


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