8. Spigen, iPhone 7 Screen Protector


Similar to most phones featured in our 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 7 review, the Spigen screen protector for iPhone 7 comes with a 9H hardness rating. It guarantees you of full time protection against staining, scratching, breakage or fading.

Due to its light and slim construction, it will perfectly fit on the phone and you will only realize it isn’t part of the phone after closer inspection. The oleophobic coating protects against oils and stains and ensures the screen protector remains clear.

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7. IQ Shield, iPhone 7 Full Coverage Screen Protector


The iPhone 7 screen protector from IQ shield is among the easiest products to install. Within a few seconds and without using too much effort or specialized tools, you’ll have your phone fully protected against cracking, dents, shattering, dust, moisture and other destructive elements.

It comes with an ultra-thin shatter-proof glass that is resistant against bubbles. Since it has been made using the revolutionary self-healing and non-yellowing process, you are assured of clarity and longevity.

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6. ILLumiShield, iPhone 7 Clear Tempered Ballistic Glass Screen Protector


The iLLumiShield iPhone 7 screen protector features a HD tempered glass that provides up to 99.99% transparency. Its 9H hardness glass enhances the sharpness and clarity while still protecting the phone.

The glass screen is tolerant against scratches, bumps, abrasions and is still very light. This also gives it the much-needed sensitivity. However, some buyers have claimed that the 0.33 mm screen is a bit bulky when compared to other products.

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5. OMOTON, iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector


To guarantee you of the perfect fit and protection, the OMOTON screen protector for the iPhone 7 comes with laser-cut dimensions. Besides protecting your phone’s screens against damage and premature failure, the protector also enhances its style thanks to the elegantly-designed case.

It is easy to install and fit the phone with minimal effort, and thanks to the bubble-free adhesive, you don’t have to worry about the product losing its clarity or functionality during use.

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4. IQShield,  iPhone 7 Anti-Glare Screen Protector


This is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone 7 screen protectors from IQ and in the market as well. Rated with 9H hardness, the item safeguards your phone against grime, dust, fingerprints, oil, sweat and moisture.

The unique and quality military-grade film inhibits scrapes, dents, scratches, abrasions and other elements. To protect your eyes while still giving you good clarity, the IQ screen protector comes with anti-glare. However, although it’s easy to install, extra care should be observed to stop the edges from peeling.

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3. Trianium, iPhone 7 Screen Protector


Although it comes in a very slim design, the 0.2 mm Trianium screen protector provides goods protection to your iPhone 7. It will resist any falls, scratches, bumps or knocks and ensuring your phone’s screen remains as clear as you bought it.

Made from patented fiber-glass, the protector can withstand regular use and the elements as well. This is guaranteed by its oleophobic coating that resists oils and hydrophic nature that makes the protector waterproof.

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2. Maxboost, iPhone 7 Screen Protector


Commonly referred to as having the thinnest glass in the world, the Maxboost screen protector also ranks as among the most dependable products. With a screen thickness of less than 0.3 mm, it will guard your iPhone against scratches, stains and breakage.

It is also resistant to dust, moisture, heat and other elements. The hardy protector is made from sturdy glass that comes with anti-glare characteristics for easy viewing. It’s also light, easy-to-install and highly portable.

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1. amFilm, iPhone 7 Screen Protector Glass


The amFilm Screen Protector is made from glass with hardness rating of 9H. It measures 6.2, 3.5, 0.2 (LWH) inches which is best suitable for iPhone 7. The ultra-thick glass offers good and solid protection against abrasion, breakage, bumps and scratches.

With 99.9% transparency, it offers ultra-clarity for the best viewing experience. You also won’t be weighed down by its 0.16-ounce weight.

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You shouldn’t constantly worry about your phone screen getting scratched anymore. The best way to protect you iPhone 7 and ensure its fully functional and elegant is by investing in any item that has been featured in our 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 7 review.



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