8. JACKYLED, T Shape LED Flexible Strip Lights Connector


JACKYLED LED light connectors are suitable for both 5050 and 3528 SMD RGB flexible strip lights. The T-shaped items feature 4 conductor points connections and don’t need any soldering. Simply snap close the unit for a secure and waterproof connection.

The 6-piece pack will link two single color flexible strips without needing any soldering. Suitable for 10 mm light strips, the pieces are also resistant to shock and are compatible with waterproof as well as non-waterproof led light strips.

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7. SoundOriginal, LED Light Strip Connector, 10 Pack


Referred to as the “Any Angle” connector, the SMD 3528 from Sound Original brand is a good choice for people looking for a stress-free experience. The 10-piece pack is classified as 8mm and is suitable for 3528 led light strip. It’s constructed from plastic and consists of 22AWG copper wire that provides good contact.

The 2 pin device needs no weld and chances of the connections breaking are less-likely. Although featuring sturdy construction, you need to make sure it has clicked in position to avoid loose ends or poor contact.

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6. LightingWill, L Shape Solderless Snap Down LED Strip Connector, 10 PCs


Connecting LED lights strips at right angles or 90 degrees is made easy by the LightingWill connectors. Made from quality plastic and consisting of copper pins, these devices will join two cut 8mm wide 2835 or 3528 single color LED strips.

The professionally-made accessory is compatible with waterproof as well as non-waterproof Led strips. It comes with a snap down design and doesn’t need any welding. The L-shaped design is best fit for corners.

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5. SoundOriginal, Strip to DC LED Light Strip Connector, 4 Pack


SMD3528 LED light strip connector is suitable for DC to strip and transformer DC jack to 3528. It is also effective for 4-pack power adapter and single color strip light. The unit is fitted on the two ends of a cut strip and will not only create continuity but also safeguard the connection links.

Its compatible with 8 mm single color strips and no soldering is necessary. Buyers also love the easy-plug DC Jack feature.

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4. Leegoal, LED Strip Connector, 10 PCs


The Leegoal LED strip light connector comes in form of a cable which is more flexible than the solid pieces. It comes in a 10-piece pack and is effective for connecting 8mm LED light strips that feature single 2 pins. The main material of construction is plastic which is both strong and also flexible.

Together with the highly-flexible wires, the unit can be used in very acute angles as well as in limited spaces. Chances of the link breaking or becoming loose are minimal. Going by market reviews, some users state that the connection may feel a bit fiddly.

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3. HitLights, SMD 3528 LED Light Strip Connector Extension, 4 Pack


SMD 3528 LED strip connector from HitLights comes in a single color and is suitable for LED light strips that measure 8mm. The item is manufactured from a flexible plastic that consists of solder-free clasp connection.

The highly-flexible material can be used even in very small spaces and tight connectors without snapping or opening up. The 4 x 6-inch connectors unfortunately aren’t generic and will mainly work with products from the same manufacturer.

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2. EvZ, 5050 RGB LED Strip Connector, 10 PCs


Coming in 10 pieces, the EvZ 5050 LED strip connector is among the simplest and easiest to use in the market. The 5050 RGB is ideal for wide light strips that measure 10 mm and consist of 2 pins. The wire itself measures 14 cm while jumper is about 17 cm.

It’s not only lengthy but also very flexible. This makes it a good choice for use in tight bends and corners. It allows the LED strip lights to be bent in angles of 90 degrees.

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1. Zitrades, 5050 RGB LED Strip Connector, 10 PCs


The Zitrades 5050 RGB is available in a 10-piece pack. It is designed for strips measuring 10mm that feature a 4 pin-wide strip. The connectors come with a simple and plain design that offers quick connection as well as disassembly.

This is enhanced by its flexibility that allows the device to be used around corners. It has proven to be a vital component for people seeking to bend the LED strips at angles of 90 degrees or cutting a piece. This connector is ideal for 10mm LED strip lights only.

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We have compared the different strip light connectors depending on their features, specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the products. Making a wiser decision can be less-stressful if you read the 10 best LED strip light connectors review.


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