8. Skechers, Womens GOrun 4 Running Shoe


Skechers running shoes are big hits with marathon runners and will certainly make the run more comfortable. They are super lightweight, which makes gliding super fast an easy accomplishment. It makes the runner feel like they are completely weightless and almost feels as if they aren’t wearing shoes at all.

They can be considered a bit on the pricey side but are well worth the money spent. If you are willing to spend a little extra they can make your exercising and even workdays, much more comfortable.

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7. Brooks, Women’s PureFlow 5 Running Shoe


Brooks PureFlow runningĀ  shoes have a great sporty look, making them a very fashionable options. They are a bit on the pricey side, which doesn’t work out well for everyone.

These are perfect for short daily runs and are great for people who just want to get in some extra exercise. This runner a bit thicker around the heel which makes them intended for people who desire a little more support during their runs.

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6. New Balance, Women’s Fresh Foam Zantev2 Running Shoe


New Balance running shoes receive high praise for their versatility and their comfort for people with wider feet. It can be challenging to shop for comfortable shoes when your feet are not narrow. Having a pair of sneakers like this that can help ease your discomfort, is a wonderful thing!

There are very little drawbacks to these sneakers, which makes them great for people who often struggle or complain about their shoes.

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5. Mizuno, Women’s Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe


Misuno wave rider running shoes are very colorful and stylish, with so many options to choose from. Whether you want a simple black look or a more colorful and flashy option, you have these custom choices available to you.

These shoes are very lightweight with a nice layer of cushioning to make you run more enjoyable. People really love how easy they are to run in and often feel completely at ease in these sneakers.

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4. ASICS, Women’s GEL-Contend 3


ASICS running shoes sell at an incredibly low price and are also very well made! They are extremely well cushioned and make long runs much easier to endure. They are especially good for people with various foot problems who need some extra comfort in order to remain healthy and exercising.

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3. Saucony, Women’s Cohesion 9 Running Shoe


The great thing about Saucony cohesion 9 running shoe is their breathable material and their stability. They help hold your foot in the shoe in a very sturdy way, which helps people with arch problems.

It is definitely a great choice for someone who requires extra support in order to continue running. Sometimes finding the right size is an issue but the customer service is great and will easily send you the right pair.

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2. ASICS, Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe



ASICS Gel-Kayano 22 running shoes comes with a great structure that works well with people who suffer from flat feet. Having that extra cushioning can really help to make your runs much easier. They are a light and durable sneaker which makes running with them more comfortable.

The pricing does make them a little difficult and some people with wider feet may have a hard time fitting into them.

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1. ASICS, Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe


ASICS gel-venture 5 running shoe comes in a variety of different color and style options, which is important for any woman who wants to look good as well as feel good. Thanks for the very well-designed and look really nice on your feet while you are running.

Because of their Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System, these shoes are extremely comfortable for people with foot problems. They offer a nice bit of extra padding which really helps to make those long jobs much easier.

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Whether you enjoy a small amount of daily exercise or striving to go the distance, this review will provide you with exactly what you need. Take your time and dive into each shoe before making the decision about which ones will satisfy you the most.


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