8. Living Pure Essential Oils,  Luxury Sleep Mask


Living Pure is offering the Luxury sleep mask that is targeted at people suffering from sleep problems including insomnia. The mask is made from light and comfortable memory foam that offers pure darkness. The easy- to-adjust straps allow the user to choose the right fitting for maximum comfort. It comes with a contoured design and 1 /2 –inch cavities that help in maintaining the mask’s functionality. Also, it is light and flexible and can be folded easily and stored during travel. Unfortunately, people with small ears or side sleepers may struggle to keep it in place.

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7. Bucky, Eye Mask


The Bucky name isn’t foreign when it comes to sleep masks. They currently are offering an ultra- light but flexible product that blocks both artificial and natural lighting. It is designed for men, women and children and is ideal for home, travelling and outdoor use. The mask features thick elastic straps that firmly hold the mask in place. It can be hand washed, machine-washed and hand-dried. The latex-free material assures the user of safety and will not cause any allergic reactions or side effects However, the eye couplets are little large compared to other alternatives in the market.

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6. TravelSnugs, Sleep Mask


Quality sleep can be achieved by wearing a sleep mask by EyeSnug. It comes together with earplugs that inhibit both light and noise. To enhance storage and portability, the product comes together with a carrying case. The custom memory foam not only offers pure darkness but is also comfortable to wear. And to remain functional for a long time, the mask features contours. However, you should avoid washing it too roughly or handling it badly as us may start peeling.

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5. Bedtime Bliss, Black Sleep Mask


Made from cotton and bamboo, the Black sleep mask by Bedtime Bliss takes the fourth slot in our 10 best sleep masks. The two natural materials offer a safe and allergy-free environment as they contain no artificial compounds. What’s more, the two materials are quite sturdy in addition to blocking all the light. Also included in the pack are two ear plugs that keep away any sound or noise. Besides adults (men & women), the mask can also be worn by children. Its shape may feel bit odd around the nose although this feeling eventually goes away.

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4. Purefly, Natural Silk Eye Mask


The Purefly sleep mask is revered for its comfort, effectiveness and elegance. It is manufactured using high quality natural silk that is light, soft, smooth and elegant. The super-soft fabric is supported by an adjustable head strap that exerts minimal pressure on the wearer. It doesn’t get dirty easily and can be hand or machine-washed but will still retain its shape. Apart from sleeping, you may also use it for mediation and relaxation. Both children and adults will find the item a good choice even though they might find it slightly tight while new.

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3. Bedtime Bliss, Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask


Another entrant into the 10 best sleep masks review is the Bedtime Bliss sleep Mask. It’s manufactured using light foam material that feels light and smooth on the eyes and face. And to guarantee a consumer of uninterrupted sleep, the mask also comes with moldex ear plugs. The mask is suitable for sleeping, meditation, shift work and other uses. It fits comfortable around the nose, ears and eyes and this ensures no light can pass through. For easy storage and carrying, the product comes together with a carry pouch. The single straps however may not hold the mask properly especially when worn by people who move in bed a lot.

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2. PrettyCare, 3D Sleep Mask


If it wasn’t for the fact that it may feel a bit bulky due to its large size, the 3D sleep mask by Pretty Care would have been our top product. It features contoured silk blindfold that fits comfortable around the eyes and nose. It is super-slim and weighs 0.4 ounces and comes with a thickness of 0.6mm.The super-soft and high quality material doesn’t chafe the skin or cause unnecessary stuffiness or discomfort. The pack of the eye mask includes 2 quality ear plugs that block the annoying noise.

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1. ALASKA BEAR, Natural Silk Sleep Mask


The Sleep mask cum blindfold by Alaska Bear is loved because it’s made from 100% natural mulberry silk. The super-smooth and soft fabric is found on both sides and has a soothing and relaxing defect. This is why it’s used as a sleeping aid, in spas, and mediation. It also comes with an easy-to-adjust headband that is gentle on the hair and wouldn’t get entangled. There is also a plastic adjuster that firmly remains in place and won’t too much pressure on your temples, ears or back of the head. If it came with a better-quality strap, it would probably have scored five full stars.

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Your sleep shouldn’t be interrupted because of too much light or motions. What you require is getting a good sleep mask that assures you of peace, quiet and comfort. The above eye masks are made from high quality material that is light and also comfortable. They will block away all the light while allowing maximum aeration. This ensures you are comfortable and won’t sweat unnecessarily. Furthermore, the 10 best sleep masks are suitable for people of different ages both male and female.

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