8. Kenox, Vintage PU Leather Backpack


If you want to own a vintage canvas backpack, then Kenox vintage leather backpack would be your ideal choice. This backpack will provide the best functionality for an everyday model. The storage space is fairly standard and its shoulder straps have enough padding that will take off some pressure from your neck.

There are 4 different compartments with magnetic clasps thus ensuring that your items are safe. Add in its quick-access zipper compartment and leather accents and it becomes a great backpack at an affordable price.

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7. HotStyle, Classic School Backpack


Many of the top backpack models are willing to sacrifice their function for extra style. This backpack is well-designed on the interior for storage of all things that you will need as you move around your hood. In addition, it has some added styles on its outside that will certainly make you like this pack.

The unique design also works well for traveling, especially with its interior compartments and sleeves that will keep all your items secure when you move around. The shoulder straps can adjust to 36 inches thus making it one of the top backpacks for your everyday use. Many colors are available with this backpack.

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6. Fansela, Crazy-horse Leather Backpack


This canvas backpack is ideal for spring but it will still give you the flexibility of summer. Its crazy-horse leather decoration gives this pack the classic retro feel. In addition, the canvas gives the model the durability that’s perfect for general usage.

Even if you usually enjoy a more casual lifestyle which revolves around fashion, you’ll certainly enjoy what this backpack is capable of providing. Its compact size is ideal when you do not have much stuff to pack.

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5. Buenocn Women Soft Leather Backpack


The Buenocn pack is made of a very soft leather material, the pack is an ideal fashion accessory for people who need some extra room for carrying their things all through the day.

There are also other colors available so that you can always match your personal tastes. With all these amazing features, the Buenocn backpack will prove to be of great value.

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4. Hynes Eagle, Vintage Canvas Leather Backpack


Although this backpack might be a little smaller when compared to the average backpack, you can still pack almost similar amounts of stuff in its flexible compartments. Its design is pretty basic, you’ll receive snap the closure pockets, backside zipper pocket and buckled top flap.

This is an ideal everyday bag for packing all your belongings. You will manage your life more effectively using this great backpack on your back.

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3. Herschel Supply Co., Retreat Multipurpose Backpack


If synthetics or canvas are not your thing, then this 100% cotton backpack is a perfect fit for you. It features a relatively slim profile and it also offers the nylon shoulder strap that keep it tight on your back.

This backpack also has the satchel feeling while still offering a huge amount of storage space. The subtle leather accents will add an extra level of its visual appeal. It’s a bit of expensive, but one that you’ll never regret buying.

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2. EcoCity, Unisex Classic Backpacks


EcoCity Classic Vintage Backpack is designed to offer a stylish and simplified storage option for a person with less packing needs. This is a manageable backpack that you won’t have any trouble carrying it around. With a 22L volume, the backpack can still carry binders, textbooks and a laptop of up to 14 inches in the laptop sleeve.

In addition to its laptop sleeve, the backpack also has 2 inner zipper pouches, 1 outer zipper pouch, 2 internal water bottle holders and a secret back zipper pocket that’s specially-designed for small electronics.

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1. Leaper, Lightweight Canvas Laptop Backpack


This is a stylish casual backpack that is perfect for school or outdoor activity. With the floral print design, it gives you a fashion and cute outlook. It is made from high quality artificial leather and canvas. Nevertheless, with its roomy design, it can store a laptop (14 inch) quite easily in the main pocket; 2 small compartments in the main pocket for placing your phones or tiny accessories; side pockets on both side of the bag and a big front pocket for easy storing. This backpack is available in many different colors and print designs, so choose one of your favorite before it is out of stock!

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A backpack is an essential equipment as it allows you to easily carry your stuff. The above listed backpacks have been well-designed to help you run your errands, go to school or even get your daily work done in the best way possible. Invest in one of the above listed awesome backpacks and you will find out that life can actually be a little easier.



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