Top 10 Best Receipt Printers in 2024


You can’t really do business without several items such as a barcode scanner that can be used for inventory purposes or a receipt printer. All the hardware needed can add up to quite a sum of money but for the ones just starting up it is possible to trim down the list and postpone some items. A business can function without barcode scanners but receipt printers are mandatory. Each receipt helps with keeping a good track of each sale and that is mandatory. Without them there is no way to properly handle the accounting of a business.

These devices can be purchased from most online stores but the options are fairly limited. There are not that many manufacturers that sell such devices. Probably there are abound 20 or so companies that make and sell barcode scanners. To save money it is better to go for a simple model with no fancy features. If the business requires it, more advanced models with maybe Bluetooth connectivity or wireless operation might seem like a more tempting acquisition.

Best Receipt Printers in 2024

To make things easier we went ahead and selected the 10 most reliable receipt printers available at the moment. Here is our selection of the top 10 best receipt printers in 2024.

10. Smart&Cool SC-5890T USB POS Printer

XFOX® 5890T Thermal Printer - 90mm/sec High Speed POS Thermal Receipt Printer Compatible 58mm Thermal Paper Rolls with USB Port ESC/POS Print Commands Set US Plug

Smart&Cool SC-5890T is a small receipt printer that comes with everything ready to have it working out of the box. The model features a low-noise printer head and a high-speed feeder. It works with 58 mm thermal paper that needs to be purchased separately.

The model uses a high quality printer head with a life span of about 100 kilometers worth of printing. It runs on any Windows or Linux operating system and it is fairly easy to setup. Its printer speed averages 90 mm/s.

9. Star Micronics TSP654IIBI-24 GRY US, Thermal Receipt Printer

Star Micronics TSP650II BTi 39449871 Bluetooth Desktop Receipt Printer

For many the Star Micronics TSP654 might be a bit too expensive but it is one of the most advanced receipt printers on the market. Very few other models offer comparable features. The model comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity and works with iOS devices meaning that receipts can be printed from mobile devices.

The model also comes with an auto cutter and an external power supply. Unfortunately, it can only be connected to one device at a time but it can be setup as a network printer to allow multiple devices to print on it.

8. AGPtek Portable Mini Receipt Printer

No products found.

The AGPtek receipt printer is an excellent piece of equipment that comes with a very attractive price tag. It is a thermal printer with a Bluetooth module built-in allowing it to be connected to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

For such a small printer the AGPtek is quite fast and can work for about a full day on a full charge. The model includes a charging adapter, a USB cable and all the required drives.

7. EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer

EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer - USB, Ethernet/LAN, & Serial Ports - Auto Cutter - Beeper/Buzzer- Cash Drawer Port - Paper Width 3 1/8' (80mm) - for Windows - NOT for Square

EOM-POS is a popular brand and their products can be seen in many brick-and-mortar stores. The EOM-200 is their mid-range model that comes with everything needed right in the box except for the paper itself.

The model is quite versatile in terms of connectivity as it can be setup over LAN, serial cable or using the included USB cord. It has a decent print speed and a long life span using a high quality printing head.

6. Citizen CT-S310II Line Thermal Printer

Citizen America CT-S310II-U-BK CT-S310II Series Two-Color POS Thermal Printer with PNE Sensor, 160 mm/Sec Print Speed, USB/Serial Connection, Black

The ones that believed Citizen only makes watches might be surprised. Their thermal receipt printers have been popular ever since they started being manufactured. The CT-S310 is one such example.

This little printer offers high speed and reliability in the same package. It can print at a speed of 160 mm per second and comes with a long life span printing head. The model also has a built-in cutter and a buzzer. The power supply has been incorporated into the device making it even more convenient.

5. Smart&Cool SC-5802LD Portable Receipt Printer

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Smart&Cool SC-5802LD is a great option for the ones that know they will not be doing a lot of printing. It is an entry-level model that can handle the activities of a small business. It was also made to be as portable as possible using a small power brick and an ultra-compact form factor.

The printer works at a speed of 90 mm per second while the printing head is estimated to last about 100 km worth of printed receipts. It was made to work with most Windows computers and requires minimal effort to set up.

4. Star Micronics TSP143IIU ECO-Friendly Receipt Printer

Star MicronicsTSP143IIU GRY US ECO - Monochrome Thermal Receipt Printer - Cutter - USB - Gray - Internal Power Supply and Cable Included

It is a bit unclear what is it exactly that makes the Star Micronics TSP143 an eco-friendly printer but it becomes obvious why it is so appreciated. The model is anything but small but its reliability is difficult to match. It is a high speed thermal printer with a built-in auto cutter and a large paper roll compartment.

The receipt printer comes packed with a useful package of software and all the required connectivity cables. It has an internal power supply and tends to require less power than average to run.

3. Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer

TM-T88V Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Dark Gray Receipt Print

Epson TM-T88V is a good pick for users that estimate that they will need to print a large volume of printers. It is significantly more expensive than other models but it is also much more reliable and better suited for intense usage.

The model features an auto-cutter and a built-in power supply. Its printer head is estimated to last well over 100 KM worth of printed receipts. The most impressive feature of the printer is its ability to print at a speed of 300 mm per second making it one of the fastest models available.

2. Star Micronics TSP100 TSP143iiU Receipt Printer

Star TSP100 TSP143U , USB, Receipt Printer - Not ethernet Version.

The Star Micronics TSP100 is one of the most popular receipt printers on the market. Its long life span, decent print speed, and moderate price tag earned a lot of positive reviews.

From the outside, it looks like a regular thermal printer but its hardware inside is quite impressive. It has a great print speed of 125 mm per second and a resolution of 203 DPI. The model has a built-in power adapter and uses the latest Direct Thermal technology from Star Micronics.

1. Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

Sale Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Desktop - Receipt Print (C31CB10021)

The Epson ReadyPrint T20 is one of the most affordable models offered by the manufacturer. Its reliability on the other hand does not disappoint and can be compared with much more expensive models.

Its hardware allows it to print at a speed of 150 mm per second while the printer head will ensure a long life span before replacing it. As expected the model has its own auto-cutter and built-in power supply. The box includes all the required accessories and software to set it up.

All receipt printers use thermal technology but there are a few differences between them. The life span of a printer head can vary from one manufacturer to another. Also, the printing speed is another variable.

As for form factor, smaller printers are not recommended for intense usage. Their main purpose is to be mobile. Hard jobs need to be handled by more expensive models such as the ones offered by Epson or Star Micronics. Our picklist includes plenty of options with models that can fit inside of a palm and all the way to the receipt printers seen in commercial stores and markets.


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